Building a Strong Foundation

Step 1:  Knowing Your "Why"


Ask yourself,  "Why" do I want to be healthy and fit?  Really think about this one;  it will be the most important health question you will ever ask yourself.  Then follow up with the question:  What happens once I achieve my "why"?  For example,  let's say you are on this site because you are looking to lose 25 pounds because you are getting married in six months.  Your "why" would be your wedding. 



Step 2:  Developing Your Plan


Think of when your home was built.  Do you think the builder had a blueprint, or did they just wing it?  If your house was built withou a plan, it would almost likely have a faulty structure and be ready to collapse at any moment.  Now think about a business.  Do you think a business with a plan has a greater chance of success then a business without a plan?  Both of these analogies apply to your health and fitness goals.  Following a diet is like is like building a house or business without a plan... They are doomed to crack, break or crumble.  Now consider this:  We develop a plan designed to create a balanced internal envoiornment in your body, a plan that will evolve wtih you and provide the necessary guidance and structure to keep you in tune with your body.  A plan like this is like a blueprint for a house or business- something you can always use as a reference point.  It is also a point to return to and adjust if slmething needs to change.  Our plan will focus on the six components that primarily determine your body's overall health.

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