My Struggles

Want to know what struggles and successes I had or I am having now?  (Yes, we all have them)

These pictures clearly show you a totaly different body but all since July 2011.  It shows you times when I was either working so much I got way to lean (bottom left), a time after I was struck by a car and suffered a broken tibial plateau and ligament damage where I couldn't train at all (top far right), a time in the bottom middle photo when I had balance with food, training, work schedule etc. and then now (top left in pink) which is me now.  You will have struggles, times when you feel like you are going to lose focus, can't figure out why you are at a plateau or can't lose that last 10 lbs.  I have been there too and I know how to help you find your way back to that body you want or help you create the one you are striving for.  


All I want to say is this, LIFE HAPPENS.  Expect difficult times and if you are working with me we can get throuth them together.   I can't stress open communication enough.  If you don't tell me what's really going on I can't help you get past it.  You will have times when your eating is off and you feel miserable the next day, AKA, food hangover.  Just get up, fight through your workout that day and remember that feeling.  When you eat clean for a long period, feel like the energizer bunny and are happy, are the times you will love.  Remember those time too, because they will keep you going. 


And, last but not least, take pictures! I will give you all the tools you need to succeed but you have to use them to get results.

Are you ready to love your body when you look in the mirror again??


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