Working One on One with Women on a Daily Basis to Change Themselves from the Inside Out has been one of the Best Gifts I could ever Recieve!

Amy K. Down 19 lbs. and 9% Body Fat!

Defy your age, mind, body and build the CONFIDENCE to give yourseft the best life.  

It is and inside job. I want to teach you how to fix what is broken and have the best body and mindset of your life!

fitness "Felt great to successfully hold a handstand for 40 seconds! Been working towards this for months! Thank you Susan for helping me get here!"

Thank you for visiting my page.

I have been working privately with women one on one for 11 years teaching them how to live, eat, train and love themselves. 

Due to COVID-19 I am now available for virtual training and one-on-one training outside of the studio/gym.

So if you live in Palm Beach, California or Europe,  we CAN change your life together!

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